Signetique Unveils CloudStore Online Backup Service

Signetique Unveils CloudStore Online Backup Service

Signetique is one of the largest web hosting providers based in Singapore and it provides shared, virtual and dedicated hosting services and maintains facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, and Japan. The company announced the launch of CloudStore; its cloud-based online backup service for SMEs. The new CloudStore is Signetique’s remote backup solution for businesses that require an online backup service for their desktops, laptops, and servers. It is suitable for most popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. According to Signetique, CloudStore can be utilized to back up virtually any form of data, including Microsoft Exchange databases and also individual Exchange mailboxes.

“Hard disk failures, accidental deletion, and laptop thefts are some of the most common causes of data loss. CloudStore addresses these issues that affect data security in an affordable and easy-to-use solution,” said CEO of Signetique, Raymond Tan. “Customers, especially SMEs, will find CloudStore immensely vital to protecting their data and should form the nucleus of their disaster recovery efforts. This is especially good news for security-conscious customers who are wary of committing their precious data to free, mass-market solutions that are commonly available today.”

CloudStore featured with scheduling system including, continuous data protection, military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption, lossless compression, incremental backups and support for bare metal recovery. There are two editions available in CloudStore: CloudStore for Business and CloudStore for Servers. CloudStore for Business serve companies that require a backup of their laptops and desktops whereas CloudStore for Servers is best for companies that require online backup service for their dedicated servers. Signetique also offers an optional CloudStore seeding service where the initial data dump can be backed up offline.

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