ColoGuard Announces Infrastructure Stability Challenge

ColoGuard Announces Infrastructure Stability Challenge

ColoGuard is a privately held managed colocation facility based in the heart of Brooklyn, NY and it provides affordable enterprise colocation solutions for companies of all sizes. The company has challenged businesses to review the security, availability, and stability of their infrastructure and data in light of recent hacker attacks and natural disasters. ColoGuard is waiving setup fees for those users who are paying the high cost for very little security and insufficient stability for a limited period. Over a decade, ColoGuard and its sister company GalaxyVisions have been offering secure colocation and other data center services. ColoGuard provides high-level security, availability, and stability to every phase of its relationship with customers, from the initial analysis to everyday maintenance of client’s infrastructure.

“We believe many businesses will find two things: Security safeguards are lacking and too much money is being spent on maintaining mission-critical services on site,” said Ruben Magurdumov, vice president and co-founder of ColoGuard. “ColoGuard can provide the right solutions at a price that won’t break the bank.” Nowadays businesses are discovering vulnerabilities that affect the infrastructure and data from external hackers. Another threat is from natural calamities, the Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States which affects the data centers and the services they offer.

“ColoGuard proved the power of its solutions during and after Hurricane Sandy,” Magurdumov said. “We hope that all organizations will take the time to assess the security of their applications and infrastructure stability and redundancy.” Most of the companies are benefited with the ColoGuard partnership, as their servers locate at a state-of-the-art data center and can utilize the strength of ColoGuard’s investments and expertise. “The security of infrastructure, whether data or applications, is at the heart of any successful modern business,” Magurdumov said. “ColoGuard understands this from its own business and from working with customers to minimize risk with reliable, secure and affordable solutions.

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